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Conference FAQ

2022 Conference FAQ Page

Will there be organized bus transportation to/from Edmonton?

Short answer- yes! We are currently working on solidifying round trip bus transport leaving downtown Calgary to the Conference and back.

Will there be a formal event Tuesday night ?

There will not be a formal event on Tuesday night. That said, given the Conference will take place in the middle of our Canadian winter, we encourage everyone to spend the night in Edmonton to catch up with service providers/ clients and peers to choose their own adventure to keep them off the dark, wintery highways.

What was the thinking on running the Conference from Saturday to Tuesday?

We recognize the difficulty that many people (and employers) have in being out of the office for the better part of a work week. By shifting the start to Saturday, not only are we able to continue to provide ample networking opportunities, but we are able to focus on delivering quality Program during the week.

Will there be any COVID protocols?

The 2022 CALEP Conference will be following all Government of Alberta mandated COVID protocols to ensure our attendees remain safe and healthy.

COVID-19 public health actions |

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have any of the following symptoms;

Symptoms and testing |

What is the refund policy as it relates to COVID?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for Conference registration. That said, if we are unable to host the Conference due to a force majeur event, registration will be returned to attendees minus a small administration fee or credited for when we are able to gather for the next Conference. If you are no longer able to attend the Conference due to COVID protocols, we encourage you to transfer your registration to a colleague. Advance notice is required, thanks.

I was previously signed up for the February Conference - what do I need to do sign up for the April 30 - May 3 Event?

Nothing… sort of. The committee is activiely working to shift the program over so there are little to no variations. Your exisiting February hotel room booking has been cacencelled so you will need to re-book your guestroom for the new April/ May dates.

Further questions?

Reach out to any of our Committee members!