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Board of Directors
Janice Redmond

Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd.
Box 20096 Kensington RPO
Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 8M4


Our membership is comprised of land professionals having diverse business and technical skills, knowledge and experience in the various areas of mineral and surface rights and contract negotiations and management. As an Association dedicated to these Petroleum Landman, it is our obligation to provide the types of aid and support that will help to strengthen their profile as professionals in contributing to the growth and success of our Oil and Gas Industry.

The President of the Canadian Association of Land and Energy Professionals (CALEP) is to ensure that the highest standards of professionalism are upheld by our Board of Directors in delivering these benefits to our members:

1) providing educational, leadership and mentorship programs, functional networking opportunities and other similar initiatives that will give our members the ability to demonstrate real value and benefit of membership to their employers as land professionals and to the Industry and public as peers and representatives of our Association;

2) ensuring that the goals and objectives of the organization are effectively aligned with the needs and expectations of the members;

3) establishing meaningful and relevant distinctions of proficiency and professional achievement;

4) pursuing initiatives for the development and advancement of our business and technology;

5) striving to develop and build upon our liaisons and relationships with the public, educational institutions, regulatory bodies and other businesses and Associations having common concerns and objectives related to the everchanging elements of our Industry; and

6) managing the Association's funding and sponsorship in a fiscally responsible manner and in accordance with the principles and laws as are applicable and appropriate for governance of CALEP as a non-profit organization.


Janice Redmond
Action Land & Environmental Services Ltd.

Box 20096 Kensington RPO
Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 8M4

Vice President
Glenn Miller

Miller Energy Consulting Corp.
8 Stage Coach Meadow Rocky View County, AB T4A 0P2

Vice President

As Vice President of the CALEP it is my responsibility to assist the President to ensure:

  1. That the highest standards of professionalism are upheld by our Board of Directors in delivering these benefits to our members: educational, leadership and mentorship programs,
  2. Providing job and networking opportunities and promoting our  general meetings,
  3. Employing relevant distinctions of proficiency and professional achievement,
  4. Developing and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders through liaisons,
  5. Managing the Association’s funding and sponsorship in a fiscally responsible manner,
  6. Ensuring the goals and objectives of CALEP are aligned with those of membership, and
  7. Pursing initiatives for the development and advancement of our business and technology.

In addition to assisting the President with the above tasks, the role of the Vice President includes:

  1. Chairing the CALEP Board Meetings and General Meetings in the absence of the President,
  2. Chairing the Office Executive Committee, which is responsible for the running of the CALEP office.
  3. Sitting as a member of next year’s Conference Committee, act as the Board of Directors liaison for the Conference and assist the Conference Chairperson,
  4. Sitting as a member of the General Meetings Committee, participating in the selection of keynote speakers for the General Meetings and acting as the Board of Directors liaison, and
  5. Acting as the Board of Directors liaison with the CAPLA Board.



Marah Graham

Teine Energy Ltd.
Suite 3000, 520 – 3rd Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 0R3


The Finance portfolio is primarily focused on maintaining and increasing the financial health of the CALEP. It involves the following timely responsibilities:

  • The collection of financial data, ensuring its accuracy and analyzing it for planning purposes
  • Ensuring Financial Board Governance rules/guidelines are in-place and followed*
  • Financial Reporting – to the Board and Membership on a regular basis
  • Providing Financial recommendations to both the Board and Membership
  • Carry out the Board directives
  • Management of the annual budgeting and audit processes
  • Participate fully in Board and Finance Sub-Committee meetings providing leadership and input

*All volunteer committee members must abide by the “Monetary Management Policy plus Expenditure and Conduct Guidelines for Committees Operating under the Canadian Association of Land and Energy Professionals”. (These guidelines can be found on the CALEP website under Membership, Financial Information)

Marah Graham

Field Acquisition and Management
Jason Gouw

600, 322 - 11 Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta

Field Acquisition and Management

The Field Acquisition and Management (FAM) portfolio represents the surface components of the land profession. The committee consists of approximately 30 volunteers including the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

FAM’s members actively participate in various external and internal liaison capacities in addition to sub committees set up within FAM to address policy and access issues.  These include:

  • Community Relations Chair
  • Negotiator Article Committee Liaison
  • Alberta Agreements Chair
  • Olds College Liaison
  • Professionalism Liaison
  • Trappers Stakeholder Liaison
  • Education Liaison
  • Land Agent Advisory Committee Liaison
  • CAPP Liaison
  • NEEMAC Liaison
  • ELLAP Liaison
  • Government and Regulatory Liaison(s) for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

FAM works to increase the CALEP's voice within the different regulatory channels as well as the various NGO’s who influence surface access within the energy industry. FAM seeks to actively participate in discussions regarding current issues which affect our industry in respect to surface rights and securing access to land, for both freehold and crown land. FAM also seeks to be a source of information to CALEP's members and others in the industry who want to remain well informed on this subject. In addition, FAM is a strong supporter of maintaining and enhancing professional conduct within industry and will continue to promote this with the Professionalism and Education Committees.


Professional Development
Lorraine Grant


Professional Development

The Education portfolio is mandated with managing Continuing Education, Scholarships, Mentorship Programs and Post Secondary Advisory functions as well as coordinating efforts with groups such as CAPLA and PJVA.  Through the various committees, the Education Director is tasked with enhancing the overall professional development of the CALEP members

Individual Committees


The CALEP Education Committee continues to offer high quality, relevant courses to our members and non-members. Our volunteers have generously donated their time and expertise to ensure that our classes are well organized, well presented, and continually improving. We are continuously challenged with developing and implementing new courses (with the help of the New Education portfolio).  We are continually striving to improve our offers and welcome feedback and ideas from our membership.

EPLM Advisory

This committee has been in discussions with the University of Calgary  Haskayne School of Management and we are advising as to courses related to a new EPLM certificate. Education and New Education will continue to provide guidance to the EPLM program.


The CALEP Mentoring Committee was established in 2010 and is committed to finding industry Landmen who will act as dedicated Mentors to students enrolled in the University of Calgary, Haskayne School of Management .  The purpose of these relationships is it to facilitate the student’s transition from university student to business professional and our goal is that the positive influence on the student will help foster his or her entry into the land profession and that the experience will prove to be a rewarding one for all parties involved.

We have a committee of volunteers, most of whom have been members for a number of years, that are dedicated to making the CALEP Mentoring committee a success.

Petroleum Land Business (PLB) Advisory

The PLB program at Mount Royal University provides a high quality Petroleum Land training option with greater access for working professionals. In this way the Land community can capitalize on their existing business & leadership skills.  Land professionals historically come from many backgrounds, including the original Mount Royal College Petroleum Land program. The PLB Certificate will provide a vehicle to continue this legacy in a complimentary program to the industry’s current offerings. In order to maintain quality programming the PLB Advisory committee was established.  The volunteer committee is committed to reviewing potential enhancements to the program in order to provide the best quality programming for its candidates.


Lorraine Grant


Jasmine Lothian

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
520 3 Ave S.W., Calgary, Ab T2P 0R3


The Member Services portfolio encompasses:

  • Membership: Applications for Active Membership, Associate Membership and Student Membership are reviewed by the Membership Committee on a monthly basis and subsequently, recommendations are submitted to the CALEP Board of Directors for approval. Honorary, Senior and Life Memberships are proactively reviewed annually, and when applicable approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Roster: Although for the most part it is up to individual members to update their contact information on the online roster, regular updates are done behind the scenes to the electronic roster. These regular updates include printable versions of the corporate and individual listings in the roster for those who wish to print their own paper copies.
  • Member Information and Awareness: Information that applies to the membership is disseminated through both the Negotiator and the CALEP Website.
  • Merit Awards: Annually, recognition is given to members and organizations that have made exceptional contributions to the Association. Long time members who have been a member for 25 or more years are also given special recognition.
  • Visitation and Bereavement: The CALEP acknowledges the deaths of current or past members by sending a card of condolence to the immediate family. Members who are suffering from long-term illness are sent a card of support.
Dayna Morgan

1100, 630 – 6 Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0S8


The mandate of the Communications Portfolio is to keep the membership informed on a timely basis of ongoing activities and initiatives both within the CALEP and in the industry in general. The primary means to accomplish this is through The Negotiator, the newsletter of the CALEP. Published monthly from September through June, it is the main source of constitutional, educational, technical, organizational and social information for our members. Through the efforts of a large network of volunteers, The Negotiator has established itself as a premier and award winning industry publication. Alliances with governments, interest groups and other industry organizations enable The Negotiator to publish articles of interest and relevance and to keep our membership apprised of new and ongoing initiatives and upcoming industry events.

The Negotiator is funded through a combination of advertising revenue and membership dues and is provided to members and select industry associates. Now available on-line.

Inquiries regarding advertising space and rates as well as content concerns and comments are in the Negotiator.


Sandra Dixon

Enbridge Pipelines
425 1 St SW, Calgary, Ab T2P 3L8


  • Co-ordination of minute taking at all Executive, General and Extraordinary Meetings of the CALEP. The CALEP office staff will assist with the minutes and will distribute any of the above minutes to all
  • Preparation of the "Board Briefs" for the Negotiator (the office staff handles this and sends to the President, Vice President, Secretary and Finance Director for approval before submitting to the Negotiator). Board Briefs should be submitted to the Negotiator by the Friday following the Executive
  • Preparation of the Agenda for each Executive Meeting (or done by the President).
  • Signing of cheques when
  • Signing of Membership Applications which are approved at the Executive Meetings


The goal of the Professionalism portfolio is to increase recognition of landmen as professionals within the Oil and Gas Industry and encourage both Surface and Mineral Landmen, to attain the highest level of professional proficiency, education and ethical conduct in their respective fields. The portfolio has the overall responsibility for handling matters with respect to the Professional designation programs, the professional conduct of all members, and handling disputes and claims with regard to ethical issues. Various sub-committees have been created to deal with these issues; the chairs of each of these sub-committees are listed below. Please feel free to contact them with specific questions.

The Professional designations have been developed and approved by our Association.  They are as follows:

  • CML – Certified Mineral Landman
  • CSL – Certified Surface Landman
  • Land®– Professional Landman
  • PSL®– Professional Surface Landman

The course of action required to attain any of the above are set forth in the Professionalism Procedure document on the CAPL’s website.

By the Association supporting and creating these designations, it was determined that they would set a standard by which other landmen, industry members, related government departments and the public can be assured that the holder of the designations has developed a high level of professional competency, understanding and ethical conduct.

In support of the Professionalism Program, the Committee continues to have responsibility for screening all applicants, assigning and tracking credits for re-certification, updating the Professionalism Manual and the updating and preparing the P.Land® and PSL® Exams. The manual continues to provide material for studying for the P.Land® and PSL® Exams and is a valuable reference tool for all landmen.  The current CALEP Professionalism Manual is available for purchase through the CALEP office and is available on-line for CALEP members under the “Members Only” section.

In order to remain competitive with the other disciplines in our industry, it is vital that landmen are considered professionals, equal in standing with geologists, geophysicists, engineers and accountants. Awareness, education and proficiency are a few of the key skills required to reach this goal. Currently, about 15% of our Association has one or both of the professional designations. In attempting to strengthen professionalism within our organization, this committee has come up with the following 2014/2015 objectives:

  • All Professional designation recipients will be recognized at the CALEP General Meetings (as of November, 2014)
  • Update the 2010 Professionalism Manual to reflect current regulations
    • If you are interested in volunteering for this project, please contact the Director of this Portfolio
  • In conjunction with the Education portfolio, a mentor database will be created within CALEP.  All Mentors must have either a CML, CSL and 6 + years of experience in their professional land related field
    • The mentor database will be accessible for all CALEP student members
  • In conjunction with the Education portfolio, create a Professional Manual Overview Course to be available for the membership
New Education
Lindy Couillard

360 ELM
1600-202 - 6th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 2R9

New Education

The mandate of the New Education portfolio is to develop high quality and relevant new courses, seminars and workshops to augment the existing Education portfolio.

New course offerings will focus on topical issues and learning opportunities that keeps pace with evolving industry trends and applicable professional development for the changing role of the land professional.

This portfolio will collaborate with the Education portfolio regarding EPLM Advisory and engagement with Post-Secondary institutions

Shaun Williams


Past - President

The role of the Past President is as an advisor to the President and non-voting member of the Board of Directors. In addition, specific responsibilities include: Chairman of the Nominations Committee for the Board Elections and member of the Office Executive Committee. As Past President I will also serve a two-year term as one of two Directors from Canada to the American Association of Professional Landmen. I look forward to fulfilling these roles over the coming year

Shaun Williams



Richard Forrester

Surge Energy Inc.
2100, 635 – 8 Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3M3


  • Liaison between the Executive and the various Social Committees
  • Liaison between the Executive and the General Meetings Committee
  • Review of current social events and any additions or deletions as required
  • Ensure waivers are signed if required and all insurance requirements are satisfied before hosting an event
  • Ensure proper reporting of incoming and outgoing funds with the office and provide them with detailed registration and sponsor lists for each event
  • Work with the sponsors to ensure their needs are being met

The mandate of the EVENTS portfolio is to provide CALEP members an opportunity to meet new members, expand existing contacts, and build stronger relationships in a social setting. And also to organize and execute on the General Meetings as required by the bylaws. We have a number of committees and dedicated volunteers working on various events. Please check out the events we have planned and come out and support the activity of your choice. These events are put on for you, the Members, and more participation always makes for a better event with more opportunities to catch up with old friends and to make new ones. If you have any ideas for new events or would like to volunteer on any committees please feel free to contact me or one of the committee chairmen.

Committee Chairmen (CALEP Sponsored Events):

  • December Networking – Jasmine Lothian and Colin Page
  • March Spring Networking – Quorum
  • June Triple Round-Up - Chad Hughes
  • Curling Bonspiel - Kevin Koopman
  • Squash Tournament – Shaun Cooper
  • Golf Tournament- Aryn Flette and Garrett Zokol

Committee Chairmen (CALEP Endorsed Event):

  • 10K Road Race - Sean McLeod

General Meetings Committee Chairmen - Elizabeth Zyluk

Richard Forrester

Surge Energy Inc.

Community Engagement
Gary Richardson

Brittany Consulting Ltd.

Community Engagement

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for promoting the CALEP and the land profession within industry and the communities in which it operates. Our goal is to educate and create awareness of the role of the Landman and the contributions made by the 1700 members of our Association.

We achieve this through our principal activities which include:

  • Educating and informing the public of the role of the Landman through our participation at public forums, conventions and conferences.
  • Attracting bright young people to our profession through presentations at high school and post secondary institutions.
  • Working with the media to relay news of the Association’s activities and matters of public interest.
  • Sponsorship of various special events and an annual fundraising effort for the Alberta 4-H Foundation.
  • Publication of our Annual Report and other promotional materials including brochures, information packages and video.
  • Coordination of special events for the Association.
  • Assisting other CALEP committees in the execution of their duties.

The Public Relations Committee has several standing subcommittees which are responsible for the planning and execution of these goals and activities. New members willing to assist and contribute are always welcome. Should you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please feel free to contact me.

Gary Richardon

Brittany Consulting Ltd.

External Relations West/North
Geoff Thiessen

N7 Energy
512 21 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2E 1S8

External Relations West/North

  • The first area of Government and Regulatory Liaison insures that the CALEP is represented on committees that deal with mineral rights issues.  
    • Alberta – Alberta Department of Energy is also moving ahead with plans to develop a policy and regulatory framework to support Shallow Rights Reversion as well as Carbon Capture and Sequestration.   Discussions on lease continuations in Caribou regions has been a focus of the Caribou steering committee.
    • Oil Sands – Industry along with CAPP have been discussing with Alberta Energy changes for a more effective and efficient tenure policy with focus to better align with the oil sands investment climate and government objectives for updating this policy.
External Relations Sask/East
Thomas Templeton

Millennium Land Ltd.
200, 1815 Rae Street, Regina, Saskatchewan S4T 2E3

External Relations Sask/East

    • Saskatchewan – There has been increasing interest in having active Industry Advisory Committees for Saskatchewan.  IOGC is modernizing its regulations and expected implementation is Q1 2019.   Ongoing discussion topics include Treaty Land Entitlement, drainage issues, fractional mineral interest at land sales.