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CAPL 2020 2021 Conference Chair's Message...The Winding Road Continues

March 2020 is a month that won’t be soon forgotten. The Saudi-Russian crude oil price war kicked off and was quickly followed by the subsequent declaration of a Public State of Health Emergency in Alberta for the COVID-19 Pandemic. From that point forward, the 2020 Conference Committee has been busy trying to understand the implications of these events on our September Conference. Would crude oil prices be in the single digits come September? Would public mass gatherings still be outlawed? Would air travel still seem taboo, limiting our potential Program speakers? Questions about companies support of staff being present in a capacity conference room, but further, would attendees feel safe?

After much conversation, analysis and thought, the Conference Committee, with support from the CAPL Board of Directors, has made the decision to postpone our annual event until September 2021. We concluded there wasn’t a single facet of our event- Program, Events, Sponsorship and Operations, that isn’t affected by either the COVID-19 Pandemic and/or the crude price melt down.

It seems fitting that since announcing our Conference theme in September 2019, we have come across a series of apparent roadblocks and multiple forks in the road. It is often the case that navigating these challenges allows one to arrive at their destination with a greater appreciation for the road travelled. We feel the additional year will allow us as Canadians and energy industry professionals to be in a better place to attend a Conference in 2021 versus a mere few months away.

As we continue to work to bring the best Conference forward for our members, we are reminded of the can-do attitude of our industry and its tireless workforce. It’s this mentality gives us hope that we will navigate this ever-winding road we find ourselves on.

Where the Road Leads… September 2021, that’s where…

-Steve Brisebois

CAPL Conference 2020 2021 Chair

September 11- 14, 2021 - Edmonton, Alberta